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Alside Ultra Max Windows with Grids

Alside Windows - Ultra Max - Excalibur

The Ultra Max is their top of the line product with features like wood grain interiors, cutom exterior laminate colors and glazing packages that are unparalleled. Triple glazing and Krypton Gas are options as is foam filling and a variety of spacer packages. Energy Star Partner of the year 2000, 2001, 2002. Better Homes and Gardens Best Buy 2008 and a number of other consumer awards make it a great pick for a national manufacturer. The Excalibur is a thinner framed product and in fact their single hung A2AO has one of the smallest profiles available in a full 3 1/4 inch jambed window. It has a frame that is just 2 5/8 inches in profile. Frame thickness is a factor as to how much glass there is in a specific replacement window. The Ultra Max is sometimes rebranded as the Preservation Series Replacement Window. It is also sold under the Gentek banner as a Sovereign. It comes in at about 3 3/4" of frame and U Value at .26 SHGC .21.  It can come as a triple glazed window with Krypton Gas for ultimate performance.

NT Window Energy Master Vinyl Replacement Windows

NT Windows - Energy Master - Presidential - Executive

Locally made here in the metroplex just south of Fort Worth in Mansfield Texas. This is a great performer with a factory glass package from the Cardinal Manufacturing plant in Waco. It has triple glazing and Krypton Gas as options, woodgrain interiors, two tone options and some fantastic exterior colors. A real value at its price point and a North Texas favorite.  Many times, amount of time anticipated to be in the home is a major factor in selecting a replacement window manufacturer. Model changes can affect the ablity to purchase products over a number of years and is a big factor in which replacement windows we recommend for a specific home.

Atruim Windows manufacture Lansing Building Products Windows

Lansing Building Products

The Atruim Window Company offers a builders grade line and two upgraded versions of their popular line. Known for its price point it is sold under the Lansing banner.  It has most of the same options as a mid range product but it's lower price point may make it appropriate for a remodel or a home that is to be put on the market in the near future.

Royal Vinyl Replacement Windows Casement Model in Dallas

Royal Vinyl Windows

This is a great shot of a great window. All the usual options apply here in a locally made product. These are often less expensive than ones that are transported from out of state and can deliver some local accountability and customer service that is better than a national company with a great deal of territory to cover.

Royal Vinyl Replacement Windows Casement Model in Dallas

Don Young Company Vinyl Replacement Windows

Locally made here in Dallas this is an all time favorite for many applications. Availible in Beige White or Adobe it is among the most durable of products on the market and a long time favorite of The Window Connection. Exclusive manufacturer of our quality storm door line. This is a manufacturer we're proud to represent.

Alside Ultra Max Windows with Grids

Earthwise Single Hung and Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

Again a local product with more than 30 years in the industry. A great casement line that matches the windows and an alternative to beige and white with a great Adobe colored offering. You can see pictures in our gallery of this great product, or set an appointment and we'll bring out samples of all of our fine products. Energy code requires Low E Glass but doesn't guarantee longevity in a window. This is a sure long term performer for many North Texas applications.

Alside Ultra Max Windows with Grids

Jeldwen Vinyl Replacement Windows

National manufacturers have real name recognition and can offer some specialty products that are great to have. Jeldwen vinyl is not a great operating window but it does have a great application in bays and bows that are stationary. Narrowest frame available and therefore more glass than most products. It is a great option in many North Dallas, Richardson and Plano homes, as well as quite a few in Arlington and Fort Worth.

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